Resolved where is my Enjin private key? I need to do a transfer via code, which requires a private key.


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This doesn't tell me where my key is. "On my device" isn't very clear.

"The Enjin Smart Wallet is engineered with military grade security. Your Private Keys and Recovery Phrases are stored only on your device using AES 256 encryption and never transmitted. omegle

You can use your discord Recovery Phrase essentially as your Private Key as it allows you to fully own the wallet and the funds inside it. You can use it to import your wallet address into other software wallets xender and devices.

We do not store your keys on our servers."
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Hello there!

The Enjin wallet does not offer you an option to retrieve your Private Keys but your 12 words backup phrase is essentially the same as your private key since you can input it on any other digital wallet.

If you have any concerns, please contact us over :)