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congratulation for the SDK relese i'm so happy with it, i have a couple of questions
1- are there some video tutorials like how to get start it, step by step to intgret to a simple game ?
2- the sdk have a leaderboard system or any way i can integrate with app store leaderboard ?

Excuse my English :)


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Hi! Welcome :)

We do have some video tutorials coming very soon, should be online in the next day or so. I'll post up a link once they are available (y)

The SDK doesn't have a specific leaderboard system built in as such, it's more about simplifying interaction with the blockchain, however you can listen to events that come back from the blockchain and/or query data through the SDK to wrap your own integration with the app store leaderboards. For example you can write a simple service that listens for transfers that happen to your tokens and then update leaderboards accordingly in real-time.


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Hi Simon thank you for your reply,
i will be waiting for the tutorial to integrate it with one of my games.
i will try my best with the leaderboards, it will be so important for this kind of simple games with daily competitions.