Setting gas via QR for use in Enjin Wallet


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Is it possible to set the gas limit via QR for use in the Enjin wallet? I can see that the wallet does a good job of automatically detecting the gas needed, but sometimes it underestimates and the tx reverts. Of course the user can always set the limit manually, but I can't find a way to construct a QR to populate a gas limit value in the Enjin wallet.


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It would also be interesting to know if there is an Enjin wallet specifications document for the parameters that can be used.

Here are examples of QR code metadata that allows the user to automatically load transaction data by using the scanning feature in the Enjin wallet: ethereum:<Address>?amount=<ETH amount>
ethereum:<Address>?token=ENJ&contractAddress=0xF629cBd94d3791C9250152BD8dfBDF380E2a3B9c&amount=<ENJ amount>

The following link dates back to 2017 but is a proposal to a standard URI format for ethereum transactions:

After testing specific parameters such as gasLimit, gasPrice or gas, I was still able to load the transaction data but the additional parameters were not taken into consideration in the Enjin wallet. Either the parameters were correct, but the Enjin wallet automatically detects the best gas / gas limit to use, or the additional parameters are simply ignored by the Enjin wallet. By creating a transaction to a specific contract, it was determined that the Enjin wallet automatically detects the best gas / gas limit to use as mentioned by Miezekatze.

ethereum:<Address>?amount=<ETH amount>&gas=<Value>&gaslimit=<Value>

The objective is to create a QR code containing the following metadata for a transaction:
  1. Destination address
  2. Token type (optional)
  3. Amount to transfer (ETH or specified token)
  4. Gas limit
  5. Gas (gwei)