[Resolved] Enjin Giveaway Pool


New member
Hi everyone. I have thought of an idea which I believe can help Enjin, so here I am making the effort to share it.

First of all, I think Enjin should make an additional page on their website which will be dedicated for contests/giveaways. Once this is in place, there should be a donation address owned by the Enjin team, where users can send their digital assets they wish to donate/giveaway. It will be similar to a party drop on RuneScape, each month Enjin will distribute these items via a QR code. It will be something to look forward to each month, a great marketing scheme, and something to talk about as more and more rare items are donated to be won!

The reason why this is a good idea is because of the following:
Donating items to Enjin would help advertise your items due to Enjin having a large audience they can promote this giveaway to.
It's a great way to distribute your assets in a fair, randomised, process.
Helps Enjin with general marketing since rare assets that are backed by alot of ENJ would draw in traffic.
To prevent people sending tons of spam assets to the donation address, Enjin should only accept assets backed with more than (1+) ENJ.
There should be a countdown on the website page to create hype and to give everyone a clear notification on when the QR will be released each month.
There should also be a display section which shows all the rare/most backed items in this months giveaway.
Enjin should also add rare assets to the giveaway to create more interest to what's been donated by the people.

Feel free to post below what you think of this idea and any feedback you think could expand onto this.