Issue downloading Android SDK tools per Unity instruction


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Hello everybody,,
So I just finished a prototype of my first game and am trying to port it over to my device to test. I am following this guide by Unity. I downloaded the SDK and unzipped everything into another folder, now when I try to run the 'android' file nothing happens. A window appears for a split second and then immediately closes again. I've tried to run it as an administrator and the same thing happens.
Has anyone run into this problem before? Any tips or advice?
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Two things to mention here.

1. This tutorial is quite an old one. (Recommended Unity Version 5.3) so there might be some changes to the workaround. (I am not familiar with the mobile port so no huge help from me here)
2. You are here in the Enjin SDK forum so basically, we are dealing here with mainly the SDK itself. So I guess another place for your question would fit better ^^

This will probably help:

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