Resolved Implementing CSS in metadata


In the JSON format example it seems to indicate the possibility of applying CSS to the metadata. I've attempted this to no avail. Is it possible currently to change text/background appearance using CSS such that it changes the appearance of the item in the wallet? (ie. changing the colour of property text, changing colour of description text, bolding description/property text, etc)


Staff member
Hello there,

At the moment, this is not possible on the Enjin Wallet. The metadata only supports various variables, and you can add additional ways to customize the look of assets in the wallet. You can add different properties and background colours on assets.

You can use the following to add properties:
"name": "Asset Name",
"description": "Lorem ipsum",
"image": "https:\/\/\/your-bucket\/images\/{id}.png",
"properties": {
"simple_property": "example value",
"rich_property": {
"name": "Name",
"value": "123",
"display_value": "123 Example Value"