Resolved How would enjin transfer fees work with efinity?


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Hello everyone,,
Lets say i want to transfer an item with efinity but the enjin transfer fee is 1 enjin. Does the enjin transfer fee transaction also happen on efinity? If not how does efinity not get bogged down by the ethereum chain transaction?, wouldn't the speed of efinity confirmations be limited by the enjin transfer fee transaction which happens on chain?
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Hello Jawline,

In terms of your question, the transfer fee wouldn't necessarily affect the speed of the transaction nor Efinity (I could be wrong). If you look into it closer, the transfer fee, as you mentioned, 1 ENJ, would instantly go to the creator/developer of the asset. Therefore, once the transaction goes through on the blockchain (Efinity), then the transfer fee is sent to the creator - this shouldn't affect the speed of efinity confirmations.

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A game will be able to perform nearly infinite volumes of transactions between millions of players and the game server at high speeds and nearly no costs MCDVOICE.