GetAllCryptoItems don't work


Currently, I try to get all CryptoItem's from my kovan Blockchain but after Calling GetAllCryptoItems() I just get the error 404 telling me there is no CryptoItem.
GetCryptoItem(string id) is working fine and also GetAllUsers() is working fine.

Depending on the order I execute the functions I get the last result from a function call.
In the referenced case (The image below) Debug.Log( returns

If you need any more informations to help me out feel free to ask.

With best regards
Jan Eylander



With GetAllCryptoItems() I still just get null. But it was told me to use GetCryptoItemsByAddress("The ether adress for which you want the items").
Well this dont work out as well since I get nothing back from the query (See marking on pic).

I double-checked if the ether address is working and indeed it is the correct one (I am able to get single Items and my Ether balance with the same address)


Thanks for this reply! That was really needed ^^
I am using the Enjin.GetAllItems(identityId).items; I don't realy know what the pgNo and limit is for probably you can explain it here.