fraud help me please heeelllpp :(


Hello everyone,,
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hello enjin team, please help me, shufflers on the pages I sent Using enjin coin's name they are doing scams I've lost all of my money because of my trust in Enjin. because they are advertising using ENJIN page by using ENJIN name
at this address. don't let this happen enjin coin is losing value losing confidence.
plese help 9apps
i want to get my money back my money is ENJİN
I wanted to invest in your future
you can check my wallet 0xfa699f1ad12ae3815c9c296fc26b53495d957964
the value of 1 ENJIN coin was too big for me
please help me :(
i don't know to speak english
I'm expressing myself using translation
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