Enjin wallet issue with personal_sign


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Hi! I was wondering if Enjin Wallet has some nuance with doing personal_sign.
when calling


method: 'personal_sign',

params: [message, signerAddress],

from: signerAddress,


I’m seeing signatures that do not correspond to the signerAddress when doing the normal ecrecover(msg, sig.v, sig.r, sig.s) from solidity (and from python ethereum libs).

All other wallets, including MetaMask, seem to work fine. Anyone have ideas?
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Frontend signing metamask+enjin wallet:
function signMessage()
web3.eth.getAccounts().then(function(result) {currentAccount = result[0]});
web3.eth.personal.sign(web3.utils.fromUtf8(nonce), currentAccount).
{signedMsg = result;
document.getElementById("signedMesssage").value = signedMsg;
Backend verification python:
def verifyMessage(self,ethaddress,signedMsg):
nonce = self.getNonce(ethaddress)
hexnonce= defunct_hash_message(text = nonce)
resultAddress = web3.Account.recoverHash(hexnonce,signature = signedMsg)
if(resultAddress.lower() == ethaddress.lower()):
return True
return False

Check if address handling is checksumed (ie with uppercase characters) on both signing and checking side.
Maybe some funky stuff there ?


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This type of verification works fine, but it looks like when signing hashes (output of `ethUtil.bufferToHex(ethABI.soliditySHA3(types, values))`) there's an issue.