Discussion of how to fund the tokens


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I think we can all agree, that it would be amazing, if we could have game-economies so prosperous, that our players can make a meaningful income by playing the games. This brings up the question, how can this be possible? The money will have to come from somewhere.
Will some players have to make a net-loss (from buying pre-sale times etc.) so that other players can make a net-win?
Has anyone thought of a model that checks out on everything below?

1. Game devs make a profit.
2. Players make a meaningful amount of money.
3. Economy is not a zero-sum game, ie. some players don't have to lose money so that others make money.

In the early stages of the Enjin economy, this might of course be possible, if people hodl seemingly worthless items, that might become 1000x more valuable when ENJ rises to $100+ 10 years down the line. At this point, however, +95% of all ENJ have probably been minted, and the price would become stable and never see such price increase ever again. So we need to find models that don't take price of ENJ into account.