[Bug] Login & password reset issues on Firefox & Chromium


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I had a bit of a struggle to get back into my Enjin account after I lost the password.
Then I found out that the login process behavior is dependent on which browser is used.

OS : Ubuntu 18.04

Using Firefox :
The password reset e-mail is not sent at all.

Using Chromium :
The password reset e-mail is sent, new password is correctly saved. But subsequent login attempts result in a "bad password" message.

Using Chrome :
Done after the attempts with previous browsers. I could sucessfully log in with the new password.

Conclusion : for now, I must use Chrome to access my Enjin account console.
Sadly, I see this increasing on other websites I use, maybe due to how the underlying frontend frameworks are wired. Would it be possible to have a look a that please? Thanks!
It would be nice to be able to use each one's favorite browser, especially in crypto space where privacy & security are important.


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Actually investigated a bit more.
It is due to a parsing error in the login form on the JavaScript side. When the error occurs, we see as a user "Login and passwords not matching".

One way to solve it is to clear your cache & session storage, easily done from the debug console (F12).
Beware, though: if you clear local storage, you lose your GraphiQL history.

And this happens whichever the browser & operating system so far.