Advanced Get Balance


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With an ever expanding multiverse item integration the code for checking all of the different items from different sources will become painful. Either this standard query will return countless items(once players have tonnes of items from multiple games/sources) which will need to be checked against an array of integrated items or the query will be repeated in a for loop for each id or better yet a more specific query will be needed, much like the advanced send, query multiple token_ids.

query getBalance {
EnjinBalances(ethereum_address: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", show_zero_balances: false, token_id: ". $token_ids .") {
token {


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I've been using the standard balance call for several months now and it becomes even more data when you're querying for items from other apps.

I.e. when I add support for a new multiverse item, I need to use the same query with a different app id.

So everytime I add support for a new item that has an app id I haven't used before, it's an additional call to graphql. I'm up to 7 now (including my own) for every single user.

If the above is implemented it would help cut down on the calls as it is a cross app call and I can ask for exactly the items I'm interested in.