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    Resolved where is my Enjin private key? I need to do a transfer via code, which requires a private key.

    Hello there! The Enjin wallet does not offer you an option to retrieve your Private Keys but your 12 words backup phrase is essentially the same as your private key since you can input it on any other digital wallet. If you have any concerns, please contact us over...
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    Resolved Error on Advanced Send

    Hello there! Would you mind contacting us on so we can assist you further on this? We may need to check the full query that you are sending to understand what could be happening. Thanks a lot :)
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    Resolved not working

    Hello there! Unfortunately, Kovan EnjinX is not available to the main public at this moment. This is will be why you are unable to sign in or view anything. However, what we can mention is that this is something that we plan to release and it should be happening anytime soon. : Let us know if...
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    Resolved Multiverse items per wallet address

    Hello there! You will find the answer to your question here: This section covers some valuable queries and mutations in the Enjin Platform. Regarding querying specific tokens on a wallet, you can use this specific query: query...
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    Resolved Resolve EnjinX url from Token Id

    You should be able to add an EnjinX URL with the full token identifier now, here's an example:
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    Resolved Mainnet?

    Hello there! The Enjin Mainnet is live :) You can read more about it here:
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    Resolved Test KENJ Request

    Hello there! Here's our Kovan faucet:
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    Resolved Wallet Notifications of Enjin

    Hello there! You can disable linked apps notifications by going over a specific app and searching for the app settings.
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    Resolved Kovan - Offline - Not working

    Hello there, please send us a ticket over if you still need assistance with this :)
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    Resolved Enjin Wallet is asking to update, but there is not new version

    Hello there! Please contact us over if you still need assistance with this. :)
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    [Resolved] Enjin Giveaway Pool

    Hey, Robert :) Thank you very much for your suggestion! Would you mind posting it on ?'] ? That is our main feedback site where users shares their ideas.