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  1. Evan

    Unity can't find EnjinSDK

    The namespace is Enjin.SDK
  2. Evan

    Full Loot System?

    As far as I'm aware this is not possible. Player's own their tokens and it wouldn't make sense to let developers transfer tokens without a player's approval.
  3. Evan

    Unity SDK - How to research it?

    Those docs are outdated and have been removed from the repo. That'll be reflected whenever the latest docs are published. The SDK consists of legacy code, so a rewrite will be necessary before we can create new demos and documentation.
  4. Evan

    Create User not working

    I've added in some stuff in for 1.1.2 for the appropriate creation/auth mechanisms. I'll shoot you a dm.
  5. Evan

    Best Practices for Players Getting New CryptoItems

    I'm a bit confused why you'd be having players minting tokens. Typically best practices are that the developer has already minted the tokens and will send them from a server authenticated using the app id and app secret. I'm still fairly new to working with the Unity SDK so I'm not 100% certain...
  6. Evan

    Resolved Problems finding identities for new Login for Players

    EnjinIdentities.identities doesn't exist, you have to use one of the methods to fetch identities. identity.app_id has changed to identity.linking_code has changed to identity.linkingCode identity.ethAddress has changed to identity.wallet.ethAddress
  7. Evan

    Create User not working

    What version are you using. I'm incrementally pushing new builds out as I resolve issues and I did put out one here last week and have another coming up. Also, to get a better idea of what you are doing, are you creating users in a server environment? It's no longer possible to create users like...
  8. Evan

    Resolved Temporary Fix for the JSON Parse error

    That is correct. The cloud web interface is the replacement for the Unity SDK's in-editor menu.
  9. Evan

    Again an response error on Enjin.UpdateUser(User , Username);

    UpdateEnjinUser was removed from the cloud api. I've removed this from SDK now.
  10. Evan

    Unity can't find EnjinSDK

    Sorry about that, I was more or less thrown in the deep end with the Unity SDK with the main-net release coming so soon, so I had assumed that this had been changed in previous releases.
  11. Evan

    Please fix ASAP* GetCryptoItem(tokenId), Get user balance and verify login methods not working

    Thanks for the report. I'll take a look through the CryptoItems class and double check the queries. The SDK currently consists of legacy code, so things are quite the mess and difficult to maintain. We'll be doing a complete rewrite here soon enough to keep it in line with that of our other SDKs...
  12. Evan

    Opinion on the namespacing

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will keep this in mind for the future.
  13. Evan

    Resolved Temporary Fix for the JSON Parse error

    Is there any other additional information you can provide? Is there a stack-trace? Which query? Any additional information can help.
  14. Evan

    Empty user.identities after Login

    Thanks for the report. I've made some changes to the templates which should fix these issues. Should hopefully be able to get a new build out soon.
  15. Evan

    Error 400 On Register (and Login(Resolved))

    Thanks for pointing that out. I've removed VerifyLogin since it is no longer needed. I've also changed CreateUser to CreatePlayer which will only accept a name. Things have changed quite a bit on the platform with the main-net launch, so these just happened to be a few updates I missed due to my...
  16. Evan

    PSA - Downloads for Developers (includes Unity SDK)

    Hi Wurst, we appreciate the feedback. The Unity SDK currently consists of legacy code. I recently took over the development of the Unity SDK, so I definitely appreciate when someone can report errors. Our goal is to have a more unified API across all of our SDKs, so you can expect a complete...
  17. Evan

    Enjin Editor - Prefs/Window Data

    The Unity Editor is no longer supported and has been removed from the latest builds. Older builds of the SDK won't work with the changes that were made to the platform for main-net release. The reasoning for removing the in-editor window was due to the fact that we now have a web interface on...
  18. Evan

    Enjin Java SDK - Android Studio

    I apologize for the late response. It's been a busy week. Are you just wanting to know how to execute queries using the SDK or how to implement your own queries? We do have java docs we can be found at We provide a variety of service interfaces that...
  19. Evan

    Enjin Java SDK - Android Studio

    Ah, yeah, I'm seeing that they didn't add support for java/time/format/DateTimeFormatter until API level 26. I'll see if I really even need that library anymore. May be possible I can remove it. I know they added support for Java 8 in API 24 I believe, but only a subset of the features, so it...
  20. Evan

    Resolved How can I create Main (FT) and Sub Tokens (NFT) by using erc1155.

    We have documentation that you can find at (this is for kovan of course). It walks you through the process of signing up to the Trusted Platform, creating your app, and creating tokens, which is all done via the TP.